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Is there any heartwarming stories of single dads with their child or children.

Could be anything, from a widowed husband living for his daughter/son to a young teenage boy taking care of his child.

If possible, is there any long story? I may have possible read most if not all stories like this.

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I forgot to mention, no incest okay?

I forgot this is a site with mostly erotic stories.

Replies:   awnlee jawking
awnlee jawking


Lost by Dual Writer.

Also check out DeeBee's stories, you might find something there you'll like.



'Perhaps Love' by ShadowWriter


There's another story about a widowed dad whose wife and oldest daughter were killed by a car accident. He, his girls, and a family friend take a trip to Disney World. On the way they meet a flight attendent, who wind's up going on vacation with them, and the two fall in love.


These should all fit your stated taste:

Wes Boyd's Picking Up The Pieces

Lellan McLemore – Axe Victim

Oz Ozzie - Australian Story

Stultus – Regrets

Heathen57 - A Friend in Need


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Argon forgot his own terrific (but not very long)A Christmas Story

I'd add in Marsh Alien's Acts of Grace. That one is more of a romance, but much of the development and exposition wind around the relationship between a widowed father and his daughter.

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