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It seems like it was just yesterday.....

January 9, 2017
Posted at 7:42 pm

Its been a while, sorry, but real life came crashing in and took up all my free time. Things just got f'ed up and I'll leave it at that. I did try, when I found time, to write, but I found no satisfaction in it. When I was able to put some time together to write it ended up being more of a chore, and it was reflected in what I wrote. After a while I gave up writing any new material and focused on going back to salvage what I had written, the ideas were good, but it was the execution that was the problem. But even then I just couldn't bring it all together. So, those stories I started have have been set aside. For now. I am moving back to a couple of older ones in the hope that it gets me back on track.

So, what's next? Outside of the writing I will be doing some cleanup of the stories I have posted. First, I am going to create a Universe and place related stories into it, specifically, Anthem, The World I Know, The Door Upon Which I Knock, and Hallelujah. Why these stories? Anthem is an easy one, it is the central story that links everything together. "The World I Know" is about Stevie the bully, "Hallelujah" Dr. Manger will have a major impact on Henry from Anthem, and Kirk Cummings is tied to Allie, and "The Door Upon Which I knock" Valerie is going to have major interaction with Alex in a future Anthem story line.

What I have in the works are a couple of stories, the first is about Henry and Cindy and is close to being completed. The second story is about Zahn from The World I Know and is about a third of the way completed. There are several others but nothing really close. In the next week or so I'll be posting a couple stories I have been holding onto, one is a standalone story and the other is the first story in a new series.

Hopefully this will get me motivated to begin writing again.