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I Was a Walking Time Bomb

November 15, 2016
Posted at 6:48 am

Last Wednesday, Nov. 9, I was directed by my primary care provider at the VA to go immediately to the ER after complaining about a headache that had been going on for over a week.

Turns out, I had a 99% blockage to my left carotid artery and a small blood clot could have caused me to have had a massive stroke. The kicker is that I'm only 50, damn it!

I'm now a real and true metal head, as I have a bunch of stints in my head. The blockage is cleared, there. I now get to go back for vascular surgery to remove a bad blockage from my hip upwards on the right side.

Needless to say, I will not be working on any stories for a while. I need to recover and get my health back.

Thank you, all who have commented on my stories. I know I'm not the best; however, I do give you my best and attempt to improve with each story I post.


Diederic Rask