Diederik Rask: Profile

Annoyingly Brass and Cross whiled Deviously Erudite. Fresh as a Gnarled Hobbit. Incredibly Jaundiced and a Kleptomaniac with a Mean Nasty Occupation. Productive Quoin Restorationist Supreme who Treats Udders in Various Ways. Xenophiliac Youth Zoologist.

Okay, enough of that.

Transplanted into NY State in the Mohawk Valley (NOT NYC) to be with my partner (wife to be). I've been writing since I was young. I do mostly short stories that are well under the minimum limit here, but believe it is time to expand upon those works or to at least begin to write more involved stories with characters with real backgrounds.

I'm sure that my writing style will evolve as I go, and that I will make mistakes. Just keep in mind that some "mistakes" may not be. Especially if it is dialogue. I expect and wish for feedback based on the stories and what they are meant to convey, not a lack of something, unless I managed to leave out something that seems as if it should have been included but I left out unintentionally.

I will respond to courteously written feedback and ignore anything else.

Diederik Rask