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Delays in posting

September 26, 2016
Posted at 8:14 am

I had supposed that I'd be posting something new already now - but sorry, that's not going to happen. After some discussions with my final editor I decided that I'll not post my latest story which would have been a multi-part story of which 'Book I' was now finished. Once the decision was made I surprisingly felt relieved instead of disappointed and after a moment of confusion I understood also the difficulties I had had writing 'Book II'. I hadn't been really happy with the story myself and I had found all kinds of excuses/other ideas that had lengthened the writing process. Once the main story had been abandoned I once again felt free to write something new, something different.

Right now it seems that my next story will contain some fantasy elements and after that there may be some stories in 'Once Upon a Time in Finland' -universe. Maybe. At least I'm writing again - and I want to write.