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Magic Ink VII, Chapters 15 & 16

September 23, 2016
Posted at 6:22 pm

The new chapters have been sent to the Moderators for posting.

The final chapters open on Labor Day 1907 in Statesboro. The following day, Tuesday, is the ground breaking for the School of Magic. At the ground breaking, the O'Connells surprise those in attendance by using Magic to excavate the pit for the basement of the admin / classroom building.

Later Uncle Aengus appears at Grace and Owen's house to answer questions from those who attended the ground breaking from the construction company, the City Council, and the news reporters about how they had excavated the pit that morning.

On 18 October, Robert and Margie transfer to the O'Connell Realm so she can have her babies at the clinic run by her Relatives. On recovering, Margie needs to check on the health of her Daughters and discovers that there is a problem with one of them.

Robert arrives a short time later and she explains the problem with their second Daughter. Later some of the Senior O'Connells arrive to see the new additions to the Clan, and Margie again explains her Daughter's abilities and also reveals their names. The Senior O'Connells are upset by the names she has chosen, but the Eternal Flame appears, explains the differences in the children and approves the names.

Margie's Family eventually moves into the new house on Plantation Lane shortly before Grace goes to the O'Connell Realm to have her Son, Patrick. The holidays follow and then the First District Agricultural and Mechanical School opens in Statesboro on 5 February 1908.

The new O'Connell printing plant is established in Statesboro in May of 1908. All of the new houses on Plantation Lane are finished by mid-summer and the Teachers for the new school move in. The O'Connells have been running adds advertising the School of Magic all summer in numerous papers around the country and interviewing perspective students.

Additionally, there is an open enrollment period in December of 1908 where many are turned away for a lack of a Talent. The new School Of Magic opens on 6 January 1909. The following day the Eternal Flame appears with discouraging news about the Reality of No Magic, and this is where our current story ends.

This is the conclusion of the third story in the miniseries that began with 'Magic Ink VI', and continued with 'Grace and Owen', and then 'Magic Ink VII'. The series will conclude with Magic Ink VIII, which I am currently working on. I have named the series "Confrontation" which is also the subtitle of Magic Ink VIII.

Since it will require a considerable time to write Magic Ink VIII and to have it Edited, I will shortly be posting another story in the Magic Ink Universe named "Amelia and Greg" which is written, and being Edited presently, and will appear shortly.

It is also possible that another story may appear before Magic Ink VIII as it will be a difficult story to write because of the many causes contributing to the start of World War One. Please be patient.

I wish to thank all of you for reading my various stories, and also my Editors for their continued help in bringing them to you.

Keep Well,
uncle jim