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Scoring and the Olympics

August 19, 2016
Posted at 7:25 pm

I just noticed the score for my story is now 6.66. I doubt any other score would stand out so much.

Meanwhile, progress on the story has been slowed by the Olympics. I wondered how various Hammondston students would answer the following question: "After two weeks of the summer games, what would your favorite Olympic sports or events be?" I have gathered responses from the eight Program participants, as well as two others.

Sam Brown: Basketball. I've picked up an interest from all the cheering I've done.

Elizabeth Dugan: Although I prefer the winter sport of curling, I have developed an appreciation for show jumping during these games.

Jill Hogarth: Modern pentathlon.

Tim Anderson: I think rugby sevens would be a lot of fun to play.

Heather Fitzwater: I just love gymnastics and diving!

Ron Venturi: Meh. Don't care.

Lily Dudek: Do I have to pick just one? There's my four sports: soccer, track, swimming, and taekwondo. Team handball, where have you been all my life? I usually don't enjoy net sports, but badminton is fast enough to qualify as a favorite. I can't rule out canoe slalom, track cycling, or judo, either. Can I think about this a little?

Frank Torocsik: Dressage, because nothing says athletic glory and sports excellence like a horse pirouetting to The Beach Boys' "Good Vibrations."

Bert Radford: All the swimming and gymnastics and track is boring. I've been watching football instead.

Vicky Dugan: Anything that's on when show jumping is.