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Slight Revisions

March 21, 2017
Posted at 12:02 am

In conjunction with the appearance of part 8 of my Sam & Elizabeth story, I have made minor revisions to the first seven parts.

The only major change is Vicky's comment in part 5 that Elizabeth is playing her cello before school, even though it's not Wednesday yet.

For the record, I had computer problems several months ago. After my old computer had been on for just ten to fifteen minutes, it would suddenly freeze. It took some time to obtain a new computer, and some time after that to resume work on the story. I apologize for the long delay.

Scoring and the Olympics

August 19, 2016
Posted at 7:25 pm

I just noticed the score for my story is now 6.66. I doubt any other score would stand out so much.

Meanwhile, progress on the story has been slowed by the Olympics. I wondered how various Hammondston students would answer the following question: "After two weeks of the summer games, what would your favorite Olympic sports or events be?" I have gathered responses from the eight Program participants, as well as two others.

Sam Brown: Basketball. I've picked up an interest from all the cheering I've done.

Elizabeth Dugan: Although I prefer the winter sport of curling, I have developed an appreciation for show jumping during these games.

Jill Hogarth: Modern pentathlon.

Tim Anderson: I think rugby sevens would be a lot of fun to play.

Heather Fitzwater: I just love gymnastics and diving!

Ron Venturi: Meh. Don't care.

Lily Dudek: Do I have to pick just one? There's my four sports: soccer, track, swimming, and taekwondo. Team handball, where have you been all my life? I usually don't enjoy net sports, but badminton is fast enough to qualify as a favorite. I can't rule out canoe slalom, track cycling, or judo, either. Can I think about this a little?

Frank Torocsik: Dressage, because nothing says athletic glory and sports excellence like a horse pirouetting to The Beach Boys' "Good Vibrations."

Bert Radford: All the swimming and gymnastics and track is boring. I've been watching football instead.

Vicky Dugan: Anything that's on when show jumping is.

Isn't this strange?

July 31, 2016
Posted at 10:27 pm

I posted Part Four of "Sam and Elizabeth" on Friday. Since then, the story's rating has increased by a tenth of a point.

That isn't strange in itself. However, "Monday Evening" has no nudity until the very last paragraph, when we learn Sam sleeps in the nude. For the score of a Naked in School story to increase despite the lack of sex, or even nudity, says something.

For those who felt deprived by the most recent update, I promise Part Five will include sexual intercourse. It's also going to include a 2,438-year-old joke about a lawsuit-crazed society. Some things never change.

Comments on consent; Cheerleading a Sport?

July 25, 2016
Posted at 3:34 pm

I want to take this opportunity to thank all of the people who have sent me comments on my story.

Most of them were from people who, like me, were disturbed by all the non-consensual touching in many NiS stories. I wouldn't go so far as to say that all such stories are bad. "The Magnificent Mysterians" by DrBill is a very good story that takes a realistic look at the effects of the touching policy. That work also inspired me to make some of my changes to program rules; I wouldn't have made the switch to "Program students may use the bathrooms associated with their own gender" without it.

I also had one person inform me that California now considers cheerleading a competitive sport, not an activity. However, I based the choice for my story on Biediger v. Quinnipiac University.

Personally, I don't care what choice others may make about cheerleading being a sport for their stories. In my story, however, I can't see school officials making the claim to Program officials that cheerleading is a sport so soon after the Dudek ruling went against them. Cheering will remain an activity instead.

Touching and the NiS Universe

July 9, 2016
Posted at 10:41 pm

I posted the first part of my first story on Friday, and already it has over 2,000 hits. I'm surprised.

I know that most NiS stories include the requirement that participants accept all "reasonable" requests for people to touch them. In my story, NiS participants are able to refuse any request they want. I did not make this decision lightly.

While the NiS program is generally limited to high schools, we have to consider that this is only four grades out of the thirteen in a K-12 program. What do schools teach K-4 students about touching?

I googled "Good touch bad touch" and clicked on the first link that came up. It explains that there are good reasons for teaching young children that any touch that makes them feel uncomfortable is a bad touch. I have a difficult time imagining that, even in a universe where the Naked in School program is widespread, the central administration would be willing to enact a touching policy in high school that is diametrically opposed to the one they are trying to teach in elementary school.

Also, I believe that sex-positivity includes letting people know that they have the right to say "no" when they don't want to do something.

How do I reconcile this position with the basic NiS premise? Well, we know schools have dress codes. I can imagine bureaucrats determining that, while they cannot control students' bodies, they can control what students wear over those bodies, and therefore students lacking clothing is something completely different from students submitting to bad touches.

This is not too farfetched in the world I've created. I already had officials take a fourteen-year-old girl with female genitalia and XX chromosomes and classify her as a boy. The distinction in preceding paragraph is more reasonable than that decision.

If you don't like the change I made to the pamphlet, tough.