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Castaway: Fearless (working title)

August 8, 2016
Posted at 8:29 pm

Thank you for all your e-mails encouraging me to talk about the next story in the Castaway saga. I am writing it actively and the third story will be begin its release once I have twelve chapters in the bag. Currently, chapter six is with the finish editor, and I am eleven pages into chapter seven's rough draft.

Why is "12" chapters the magic number? First, I'd like to have a release schedule that is a chapter each week. Second, building in a delay stops me from rushing the quality of the story. Third, I am less likely to kick myself if I get further in the tale and wish I'd foreshadowed something or tuck a detail in that would help beef up a character or an experience.

I think about the story every day and often make quick notations or write bits of dialogue on a notepad while working and waiting for the company's server to clock while it processes some application; and other times I write some thoughts during lunch. In the end, I am enjoying learning how to write stories and Castaway is my primary training ground for more erotic works.

Thanks again for you continued interest and patience.