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'After Five Years' finished last Sunday

June 28, 2016
Posted at 7:04 am

It is now out there, my fourth finished story - since 'His Halloween Trick' was written well after this one - even if it was posted earlier. Moreover, 'AFY' was the first one of my stories that I had fully outlined before writing it. Not really a merit, I know. Of course the final outcome was somewhat different than the original idea but that kind of things just happen - at least to me. Also, I understand now that because of the structure of the story I should have posted 'AFY' on daily basis. Something to consider in the future.

Now there will be a longer break before anything new will come out. I haven't run out of ideas - but time. Another issue is with the two recent ideas that I have: 'The Collateral Damage' -trilogy (book one finished, book two almost there, book three only outlined) - and another (fantasy) series, The 'Hidden Heritage' from which the first book is fully outlined. The only problem is that I've promised that I'll not post stories until I've finished writing them... Maybe I could post books I and II even if book III is not finished, maybe?

So, it seems that you cannot get rid of me if only my editors can bear with me - and I can find some time to this secret hobby.