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Update on current work

June 17, 2016
Posted at 7:35 pm

I have been working on a number of stories for some time now. Magic Ink VII was started while Grace and Owen was being edited, and I have 12 chapters written on it and have started getting it edited, though the story isn't completed yet. It is a continuation of both Magic Ink VI, and Grace and Owen, having many of the same characters.

Additionally I have been working on another story in the Magic Ink Universe. It is entitled "Amelia and Greg" and occurs just after the completion of Magic Ink V. It is nearly finished and will appear following Magic VII due to
editorial constraints, mainly that I don't want to work my editors to death.

There are several other stories that I am also working on as time permits or I am stuck on one of the main stories. The first is a story called' Olivia' which I began last year. It is a Slave Girl Story, and I have several chapters written.

Next is a SF story with some romance entitled 'Marianne', and it is about a young woman from a three gravity planet who is attending the Colorado School of Mines on Earth. I have one chapter written on it.

Last on my current list is a story entitled "INJUSTICE', and it is about a former Special Operations Officer whose children are kidnapped. There are many problems with how the kidnapping is handled and Max, the hero, must take things in his own hands to settle things. There is only one chapter written on this so far also.

All of these stories will eventually appear as they are finished and edited.

Keep Well,
uncle jim