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May 28, 2016
Posted at 3:44 am

Well. Sorry about the wait but real life gets in the way and totally decides to take control until it decides to move onto someone else. Had a bunch of hospital-like crap happen over the last couple of weeks and as such, writing was the least of my concerns.

I have not given up on the writing since I have discovered it is a nice coping mechanism for dealing with every day life. I just get back into the story and stay in that world for a little while. One thing I do have to change up was my original idea for the next chapter was a visit into the future to see how the fat version of Tim was doing with the torture aspects of his life.

But after dealing with hospitals and recovery, the last thing I want to do is sit behind a keyboard and bring those thoughts into my life so soon after having to deal with people being hurt. Not good for the psyche.

So I decided to add another chapter of what is going on with young Tim as he deals with the current of fame and popularity in high school and on the football field. I am discovering it is waaay easier to write about that then having to describe minutiae of torture and how to make it stop.

I can see that there is no difference to the overall story if I switch the chapters, so I shall do that.

Who knows maybe my inner self will jump up and say "Fuck You. Do it now or you might not be able to pick up that line of thought again."

But I can then say "Fuck You. That's why I have notes."

I'll be doing some writing this weekend for those of you who have been asking when is the next chapter. Writing about teens growing up an going to high school football games is a lot more fun that describing the blood spatter after a finger nail is plucked from it's home.

I'd much rather describe a 300 lb lineman with a full head of steam preparing to tackle an unsuspecting 175 lb running back.

Yep. Much less violence there.

Maybe next week for the next chapter.