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Hi There, Boys and Girls!

February 21, 2018
Posted at 10:12 am

It's your favorite time of year when I get off my fat ass and decide to write a little for your amusement.

Ah, who am I kidding. I write because I like it too.

I'll keep it short and sweet kiddies. Chapter 31 of Mayhem in a Pill has been sent to the editors and it should only take like a couple of days. Hardest part is actually trying to navigate through the series of red marks that when corrected turn my prose into something conforming to a readable thing. Cause when we start out, wow, it ain't good but my editors do a great job in polishing up that turd.

So give it a couple days and a new chapter will be up.

You might need a reminder of where we are at so you can go back to Chapter 27 to remember what was going on with our escape artist. This chapter continues that segment of the story.

Thanks for reading and keep an eye out for the next chapter coming sometime within the next week.


Oh snap! That ain't what I meant!

January 16, 2018
Posted at 5:37 pm
Updated: January 16, 2018 - 5:39 pm


Apparently I'm being told my last blog made it sound like I was giving up on "Mayhem in a Pill." Let me just answer that question...


I was pointing out several emails worried about Tim is so far a football god and has too much of an advantage over other players. I'm pointing out that he has the same kind of advantage over high school freshman as a college football starter at one of the larger football powerhouses. So he can do anything he wants on the football field just because of his athletic prowess.

Eventually he is gonna have to fight harder as he goes up in athletic ability. So I openly ask those worried and afraid he is too much like Superman and is seeing nothing to challenge him. If I was going to write that, I would have finished it already and I could start fretting about another of the stories fighting to come out of my head!

So in conclusion... yes, he can win easily right now but he is pretty low on the pole of football abilities surrounding him and playing against him. There is a difference between the quality of player in freshman football versus Junior Varsity versus Varsity versus smaller college versus football factory college versus professional football.

Be patient. I'm in this for the long run and I will continue this story. At least until the NFL Draft gets closer then I can't be expected to actually keep my mind on two things at once. Hell my family knows not to ask me anything the week before or during the NFL Draft. Hell, I'm considering a road trip to Dallas this year and watching it live but then I have to figure out how to keep watching both ESPN and the NFL Network at the same time to argue over each pick with the so called experts!

Ooops, sorry got on a rant there but YES, I'm still writing "Mayhem in a Pill!"

MC is TOO good... I can't continue with the story!

January 13, 2018
Posted at 7:08 am
Updated: January 13, 2018 - 7:09 am

For those that worry about being unbeatable in football, the only thing I can say is have you seen the difference from ninth graders playing football to varsity high school football players.

Big John Fontana is an amalgamation of coaches whom I know that agree with parents worried about concussions that football is a game that should only be played once the child's brain is formed and can't be destroyed quite so easily. No Pop Warner football, no middle school football and freshman year of high school should only be getting in shape to play football.

Simplistically, each level adds about 50 pounds of meat and muscle to players and the mental strength to understand if you do something wrong, you could hurt yourself or someone else.

Personally, I think ninth grade is the perfect time to start playing football. Earlier than that is like playing barefoot in a room filled with rat spring traps. You are gonna come out hurt.

The jump from level to level is a big. Understanding how far back an offensive lineman keeps his back set foot is a sign of what he intends to do. Ninth graders don't know that yet. Looking at the knuckles of a defensive lineman is a sure sign of what he is going to do. Ninth graders generally don't know that. Pure speed and strength in freshman football is going to make you look amazing.

Higher the level the more technique and understanding of the game you will need to be successful... or at least be able to survive for the party after the game!

Sorry had to vent. Saw the score steady at 8.07 then go write a few pages and decide to look one more time and it's back down to 8.06. UGH!!!!

Holy Crap!

December 28, 2017
Posted at 8:10 am

When I started posting my first original story a few years ago, I did not know what I really thought I could get out of it. I guess the biggest thing I got back was the euphoric feeling of realizing people are becoming emotionally involved with the world I have created. They want to know what happens next. Well, tell you what guys, so do I!

A popular question I get is "How many chapters do you think this story is going to reach? I don't want to start it and then have the story fall into the unfinished category."

Well, guess what neither do I! I am writing this as I go. While I have a strong outline I am following, I get to fill in the details and day-to-day occurrences to power the story along. That there is the fun part. If I do my job and follow the outline, the story will finish and hopefully tie up any and all loose ends.

Just a sec. Why am I writing this blog post? Oh yeah, now I remember.

When I started writing this story I used to give myself a deadline. Coming from the world of journalism, it just seemed natural. Also I knew that deep down I was a procrastinator and would find reason after reason to not write much more often than to write. I guess statements like that are why people ask me whether it's safe to start reading a story they will actually see finished some day. Anyways, the deadline was 10,000 downloads per chapter before the next chapter would go up. That eventually morphed into when 10,000 downloads hit, I'd start writing the next chapter.

At the beginning, the story would plod along and eventually after a month or so, the deadline would hit and I'd post the next chapter. The next chapter would come up quicker and so on until we have what we have now.

It took one day. IT TOOK ONE DAY! It took one day for the chapter to reach 10,000 downloads!

Wow! One damn day!

It's now things like this that compel me to continue writing story. I have also decided, I will take a tip from G Younger. I'm gonna cut the story off at, well at least, single high school years. Rather than one huge story that before it finished would resemble Spacer X's Six Times a Day or maybe Ascending Author's Deja Vu Ascendancy.

G Younger's Magnum Opus Stupid Boy has split each grade into two different books. Makes the story a little easier to keep up with and since he is now selling them on Amazon, he can make a little more cash. I believe I can do this as well, maybe not with Mayhem, but maybe another of the stories running around in my head chasing MILF porn stars.

So I will collect up this story and end this first book when he graduates to the next grade. The next book will begin with Mayhem during the summer before 10th grade. I do know one thing for sure, Mayhem will not be modeling of becoming a Hollywood star because G Younger is writing the shit out of that! Hell! I have not even decided if Mayhem would do another sport.

Good grief! 10,000 downloads in one day.

I am humbled and to let everyone know I stayed up all night writing the next chapter and with it creeping up on 7 a.m. here in San Antonio. I think it is almost time for me to try and get some sleep. Who am I kidding! Won't be the hard at all.

10,000. Damn. Thank you SOL!

It's about damn time!

December 27, 2017
Posted at 8:44 am

Ok minions,

Your prayers have been answered and my editors have turned the poorly scribbled etchings on beer-soaked napkins I usually start with and made something barely able to be read and with a coherent line of thought. Chapter 30 of Mayhem in a Pill is in the queue.

I think they did a great job and fellas, you check is in the male.

-- Shinerdrinker