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An old story dusted off

April 27, 2016
Posted at 10:50 am

I know it's been a while since my last chapter posting. Part of the reason was due to not writer's block but writer's de ja vu. I felt like Seth was simply going around telling everyone the same thing over and over, hoping someone would help. So, I decided to take a break.

I still wanted to write, though. So, I dusted off an old story of mine that I had tried to get published a few years ago (Crushed Heart). Getting it published fell through because I was supposed to go through the story, looking for anything a reader might see and think WTH? I did. At least I worked on it up through chapter twelve (out of thirt-eight). I stopped because I only saw those issues spiraling out, making more issues, which would spiral out and make more issues, etc. As it was, I didn't believe that I would ever pick it up again. Boy, was I wrong.

About a month ago, I looked at again and realized that the problems weren't as bad as I believed. So, I set to work on it. Not only did I make all the changes that I had marked previously, but I also made changes that I hadn't thought of then.

Now, the story is complete and I'm hoping to contact someone about publishing. That is unless someone has a better suggestion. I've looked into self-publishing, but it seems to cost money too and I thought the idea of self-publishing was to not have to pay to publish. [shrugs]

If anyone has any suggestions, please shoot me an email.

In the mean time, I'll get back to work on Rogue Magus.