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Orphan Magus -- Posting Starts

November 5, 2017
Posted at 12:37 am


I know I've been promising this for quite some time, but the day is finally here. I submitted the first 4 chapters for Orphan Magus. I'm still working on problems with chapter 5, otherwise I would have posted more. Oddly, the problems I mentioned have nothing to do with a sex scene. One might call it a plot critical section. Therefore, until I hammer out the details I want in the chapter, I can't go any further. For the time being, I hope everyone enjoys what will soon be available.

Fan Question

October 9, 2017
Posted at 9:47 am

I received a note from a fan. Here's what he wrote:

Hi Technic,

Love your stories but I got a quick question. How loyal are Seth's fonti to him sexually? Like do they only sleep with Seth or are there other men they sleep with. I guess the Fonti that have been with Seth the longest (Jordan,Katrina,etc) are exclusive to him and love (?) him. But the newer ones are likely to have guys on the side. Thanks and have a good day.

I'm going to let the girls answer this themselves.

Jordan (First Appeared: New Magus) "When I first awoke Seth's power, nothing thrilled me more than to give myself to him and to explore his body. Even after his Initiation ended, I enjoyed peeling him out of his clothes or just letting him suckle me. So long as we could touch. Now, however, with my powers restored, I have to have my own Fonti. And, yes, two of them are men. It's not that I couldn't stay loyal to Seth, but I can't recharge my power from him. And while I like both men and women in my bed, I prefer men."

Danielle (First Appeared: New Magus) "I couldn't imagine having sex with anyone else. No, I don't get to have as much time alone with Seth as we did when we first met, but then, so long as I have any time with him at all, I'm happy about it."

Jana (First Appeared: New Magus) "Being with Seth is probably the best thing that's happened for me. And anyone who knows me would probably agree. He's the only man in my bed and that's the way I want it."

Sammi (First Appeared: Child Magus) "To sleep with another man while I'm still with Seth would feel wrong. I don't know about the others, but that's how I feel about it. I wouldn't call it love, per se, but there is a connection, a strong connection. And I have no desire to break it."

Milena (First Appeared: Child Magus) "For the first time in a long time, someone makes me feel like a woman. I'm not oblivious to the looks I get, but I also know most of those looks are either simple curiosity, mild amusment, or outright disgust. I don't care. It's how Seth looks at me that counts. It's how he makes me feel that I need. And I doubt I'll be lucky enough to find someone who treats me as well as he does and fill me as well as he does."

Erica (First Appeared: Child Magus) "I have to admit, I have dated a few other guys since Seth and I got together. I haven't slept with anyone else, and I don't plan to. But, Seth is so busy and we don't get to spend as much time together as we used to. I just feel lonely sometimes. So, when a guy asks me out, I'm cool with that. We go to the movies, maybe have dinner. But sex? No, no sex. I'm not going to spoil what little Seth and I have together."

Leanne (First Appeared: Child Magus) "Sleep with someone else? Are you nuts? No, you just want to get into my panties! Get the hell away from me. I have a boyfriend and he does things you could never do!"

Vanessa (First Appeared: Child Magus) "Loyal to Seth sexually? Oh! Do I sleep with other men? No. No, I am very happy with the way things are between me and Seth. No, we don't get to be together as often as I would like, but then we both have a lot of responsibilities we have to take care of. So, when we are together, we make the most of it. I couldn't imagine having sex with another man."

Cassandra (First Appeared: Child Magus) "I am surrounded by nubile young flesh all the time. Oh, what am I saying? No, I don't sleep around. Yes, sometimes I'll have a D&S session with a guy, but that's about control and who has it, not necessarily sex. No, I haven't had sex with those guys. By the point in the session they're so wound up for sex that they can't control themselves anymore, I turn them over to someone else, someone willing. I won't ruin what Seth and I have. Period."

Katrina (First Appeared: Child Magus) "Seth is a good Master. He fucks me all night long when it's our night to be together. Hehe. Sometimes I even sneek in a quick blowjob when he's feeling overly stressed. Oh, I wish he were here now, what with us talking about this. What? Sleep with another man? Only if Seth told me to, and he's never done that. What do you mean? Why would I want to?"

Linda (First Appeared: Sibling Magus) "Seth is young, sexy, and great in bed. He's responsible, thoughtful, and caring. If it weren't for his need to feed his power, I would have made him all mine. I sometimes feel cheated. Afer all, he's known the other longer than he has me, but I can't imagine cheating on him like that. It would be wrong."

Angelica (First Appeared: Rogue Magus) "I was married right out of high school. After I was freed of the lockdown and found out that my husband had divorced me, I stayed with a few friends. I even slept with one guy. It was okay. Then I found Seth. He told me about the bond between us and we had sex that afternoon. I never knew sex could be that good! I can't imagine being with another guy, ever."

Misty (First Appeared: Rogue Magus) "Oh, I've had my fantasies about being with two men at once, but I've never wanted more than one man at a time. For now, that man is Seth. We've talked. If I decide I want to be with someone else, we'll talk about that. I doubt it will happen anytime soon, though. Seth's openness and honesty is refreshing. I doubt I would find anyone else like him."

Duana (First Appeared: Rogue Magus) "Why would I want to have sex with another man? Seth is young, sure, but he certainly knows what he's doing. No, I don't get to be with him as often as I would like, but then what couple - after their first year of marriage - is?"

Holly (First Appeared: Rogue Magus) "To put it simply, I don't have time to have sex with other men. Seth takes up my thoughts most of the day. My mother takes up the rest. There simply isn't time for anyone else."

Nicole (First Appeared: Rogue Magus) "Having to put up with the rotation is the only issue I have. Seth is a beautiful lover. He makes sure I get what I need, and I make sure he enjoys himself too."

Orphan Magus -- Delays again

September 12, 2017
Posted at 10:16 am

Despite my daily effort to reign in this beast, I have yet to make any real progress since my last post.

I originally had a general outline off the overall story, but I apparently deleted it in favor of suggested scene outlines. I should have kept the original and used it as a guide for the scene outlines but no. I was an idiot. Now I'm struggling to comprehend how everything is supposed to fit together.

All I can offer for the time being is an apology for these delays. It's not fair to you that I'm having so many problems. And, hopefully, I'll post another blog before the month is out with good news.

Thank you for your patience.

Orphan Magus begins

August 8, 2017
Posted at 5:35 pm

Where to begin? Let's start with the compiled short stories.

I have decided to put the short stories on hiatus for the time being in favor of continuing the overall story. My reasons are twofold:

1) As anyone who has read my previous blogs may recall, I get very … "distracted" by my own sex scenes. I see this as a good and bad thing. Good because I want to create something erotic in each story, and bad because after taking care of the "distraction" I don't have the energy left to finish the scene. When I go back later, read what I've written and attempt to finish, I find myself with the same problem. It's a vicious cycle that leaves me with nothing to post.

2) Each of the shorts are becoming increasingly complex. I cannot seem to stick to the immediate details without tons of back story to explain why the scene is happening the way it is. I've only successfully gotten through two scenes so far (completed, ready to post short of deep editing) out of 29! Granted, this does not include the two scenes that were included with Rogue Magus (the scenes with Jordan and Francine).

I do apologize to those looking forward to reading the shorts. I didn't want to bog down the end of Rogue Magus with every detail of what Seth had to do to get through the Lockdown challenge. I could see readers getting lost in chapter after chapter of sex with seeming no end in sight and then suddenly Seth is back in the Warehouse and facing his half-sister. This doesn't mean I'm giving up completely on the shorts, but they won't be a part of the "Universe" series so they don't break up the continuity of the numbering of the regular stories.

Speaking of the regular stories.

I have started working on Orphan Magus. I have already sent the first SIX chapters to my editors. Once I have any corrections hammered out, I'll start posting.

Surprisingly, the issues I was having with the story - especially the details in the beginning - turned out to have an easy solution.

Also, due to the issues I described regarding the short stories (distractions), I am opting to only include sex scenes that are a part of the core plot to the story or that are significant encounters to Seth. There will be a number of scenes which will either only have minimal details or take place 'off stage.' Again, this is in an effort to allow me to focus on the story and - hopefully - increase the pace of my postings.

Thank you for reading, everyone.

What you'll soon be seeing…

Title: Orphan Magus

Description: After completing his first semester of college, Seth flies to Virginia for the reading of the final will left by his dead biological Mother. The trip turns out to be more than expected and Seth is forced to face his demons in an effort to find something he has to keep safe. With an entire town bent on forcing Seth to leave, not to mention unseen forces causing magical disturbances that Seth is being blamed for, will he accomplish his goals?

Sex Contents: Much Sex

Story Genre: Fantasy

Categories: Ma/Fa, Consensual, Magic, Heterosexual, Fiction, Tit-Fucking, Big Breasts [more categories will be added as new chapters are posted]

Collection work

June 29, 2017
Posted at 8:59 pm

As I've previously mentioned, I am working on the collection of short stories detailing what Seth went thru to end the Lockdown. I feel this should be completed before I throw in fully with Orphan Magus (the next full story). To a degree the short stories will give some insight to each of the women who were kidnapped because several are going to show up in Orphan Magus.

On a personal note, My kids will be spending the next month with me, so I am not sure how much writing I will actually get done.