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Natural Love Resort

April 20, 2016
Posted at 11:01 am
Updated: April 20, 2016 - 1:47 pm

I want to know whether there are other established authors who would like to work with me to launch a new SOL universe.

A universe is an opportunity for any author to contribute a story that fits the theme.

The universe I'm considering is tentatively called "Natural Love Resort," and it's set on an unnamed Caribbean island. Nearly every manner of sexual peccadillo is tolerated (I'm open to suggested limits here; see below), but incest and teens are strongly encouraged. Exhibition and nudity are virtually unavoidable. :-)

Families already engaged in incest might visit Natural Love Resort for like-minded company, a tolerant atmosphere and perhaps some kid swapping. Families considering incest might visit for the final push over the edge.

And it might not all be incest. There could be D/s parties, underage parties and public initiations. Swapping would be rampant.

Each story would revolve around a specific guest/family and its adventures. Each author would have freedom to set the family's baseline when it arrives -- ages, relationships, experience levels, etc. -- and then create the family's story while they're at Natural Love Resort. Just send every customer home happy.

All stories must comply with SOL guidelines.

This post is a request for:

-- Established SOL authors who might promise to contribute an early story to help build momentum. I'm asking established authors because they have experience, but if this launches, any author would be welcome.

-- Suggested guidelines. I have certain categories I'd exclude, such as bathroom functions, dead people, excessive violence/pain and extreme rape. I want advice about this topic.

-- Any other suggestions.

The most successful version of this, to my knowledge, is the "Naked In School" universe, which has generated some terrific stories.

What are your thoughts?