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EazinAlong: Profile

I hope you enjoy my stories and find them erotic.

My stories should reflect my very positive feelings about female sexuality. I think an aroused woman is one of the most erotic experiences a man can know. It excites me to turn her on, particularly her mind ... her most important sex organ.

I enjoy it when a woman expresses her sexuality, and in my idea of utopia every girl would grow up with a pussy-positive attitude.

I am male, middle-aged, married and living in the woods in mid-America. I'm politically left of center, tolerant of most anything except intolerance and very open-minded.

To kiss a moist pair of lips is divine, to hear her arousal is glorious and to share her climax is sublime. To know her intimate thoughts is a privilege.

For lovely images to accompany my stories, please visit my Tumblr blog: