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Ongoing Favourites

April 11, 2016
Posted at 6:51 am

In no particular order, these are the ongoing stories which have given me the most enjoyment in the past week or so.

A Well-Lived Life by Penguintopia.

Serendipity by oyster50. Not a 'Smart Girls' clone, it has enough potential for character conflict to keep it interesting.

Jacob's Granddaughters by A. A. Nemo

Rebirth by Lumpy.

The Times They Are A Changing by Omachuck. Significantly superior to the average Swarm Cycle story.

Getting It Wrong by G Younger. Nicely swerving some of the usual do-over cliches.

An honourable mention to A. King and his Queen by Lazlo Zalezac. I'm not a fan of the author but the multi-dimensional characterisations make this a couple of levels above anything else of his I've read.