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'Parenthood' almost finished

April 6, 2016
Posted at 4:53 am

The last chapter will be posted on Thursday. I was told by my editor that I didn't really tie up the loose ends but instead opened some more. Maybe so - but that's how I saw it. While I nowadays usually have the whole storyline outlined inside my head before I start writing that wasn't the case with 'Parenthood'. That story was first inspired by some 'cheating spouse' -stories and it was written more or less in a flow. At some point I just realized that the story had taken some turns I hadn't planned and the main focus moved from cheating to something else.

To those who commented me being a girl or a sissy since I didn't burn the bitch I just want to say... - well, I don't really know. John just wasn't like that. There may be some other main characters in the future that act differently, but not John.

There will be a short break before I start posting my next story, 'After Five Years'.