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The Royal Genies

February 24, 2016
Posted at 10:01 pm

I'm not even going to apologise any more. University keeps me busy, and between that and lack of motivation, I just don't have time to write as often as I used do. Although it's worth mentioning that I spent 2 hours last night watching Dave Gorman's Googlewack Adventure, which is a pretty ironic thing, which you'll understand if you've watched it (I recommend it by the way. It's on Youtube).

So as quite a few people have guessed, Mathulevius and Sorreliftia (FUN FACT: I've only ever written those names once. Every other time I copied and pasted it so I'd get the spelling correct) are indeed simply Matthew Evans and Sophie Swift after millennia of changes. This was inspired by the Doctor Who story "The Face of Evil", which feature the Sevateem (Survey Team) and Tesh (Technicians) tribes. It was also meant to tie into a line at the end of A Boy and his Genie where Matt and Sophie said that people had worshipped them as Gods. And yes, as someone pointed out, this does mean that Nyssha really was a gift from the Gods. I wasn't actually 100% sure I was going to have Matt and Sophie turn up, in which case, Mathulevius and Sorreliftia (Copied and Pasted once again) would have been simply a little Easter Egg for you all.

The sex scene at the end of this story was pretty hard to write. Not because it's hard to write sex (Though it can be), but because I wanted to realistically transition into it, without it going from 0 to sex with no reason. This sex scene was included for several reasons. The first was because it lengthened the chapter, and I wanted to make this one longer (It's VERY slightly under 5000 words, the longest for this story). The second was because other than the very start, there was no sex in this chapter. And the third was so I could say this:

ARE YOU HAPPY NOW, EVERYONE WHO EVER NAGGED ME TO MAKE MATT FUCK ALEXIS? Although I am sort of thinking you might have been the same person constantly posting.

As previously stated, this story will indeed be ending in the next chapter. I know it makes it my shortest (non one-shot) story yet, but really, there's nowhere else to take it, and as most of you know, I only did it because of technically problems, so I'm looking forward to what I'll be writing next, but I'll talk about that next time. Honestly I think there's more stuff I wanted to talk about here. Likely I'll remember it after I go to bed.