DragoTime: Profile

Hey there, I'm DragoTime, a 20-year-old Brit studying German, Italian and Japanese at university! Twitter is @Drago_Time. Not my personal one, it's the one I use for posting story updates.

I've had some problems in the past, so here is a list of where I post my stuff and what I've posted there:

* StoriesOnline: Everything
* SexStories: Everything
* WolfPub: Everything
* ASSTR: Just A Boy and his Genie
* Literotica: Just A Boy and his Genie
* ArchiveOfOurOwn: A bunch of sexy fanfics I wrote

I did also briefly post my stuff on LushStories before it became apparent my stuff wasn't welcome there (They object to most forms of mind control), so that got taken down. Aside from that, there is only one other place on the internet you'll see DragoTime, and I'm not saying that for various reasons.

Those are the only places that have permission to most my work. If you see it posted elsewhere (As has happened before), let me know. Especially if they're posting it without credit.