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Comes a time...

February 17, 2016
Posted at 10:28 pm

When I decide a story's got to end. Mi Vida is ending with the chapter posted tonight. I've enjoyed the ride with Carlita and Dave and Brindy.

You who have been reading my stories just KNOW that I keep three of them going. Rest assured that in a day or two I will roll out the opening chapter of a new one.

In the meantime, let me enthusiastically thank those of you who continue to write. Some of you have given me some very good ideas. Apparently my characters become as real to you as they do to me. That's a good feeling for a writer, even a tertiary-level hack like me. Keep the comments up. I try to fix the mistakes you find, and there's many a good story idea that I'm either using or getting ready to use.

An done more thing... reviews. I appreciate you telling ME you like my stories. Please tell others as well.