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Real Life

January 10, 2018
Posted at 8:52 pm

North Dakota right now. Previously, Minnesota. Had a reminder of lessons learned as a young soldier on the Korean DMZ in winter as I navigated from the terminal to a rental car, then drove fifty-odd miles through blowing snow to visit one of my company's facilities.

It's 0 degrees F outside right now, headed for -10 in the morning.

I just posted a chapter of Becky. It's the last of my post-Christmas romp with Dorable. I'm doing a lot of traveling in the next few weeks, so posting may be sporadic. Dorable doesn't deal well with me traveling.

In the meantime, nominations are open for the Clitorides awards. If you think my stories meet the challenge, nominate your favorites.


January 5, 2018
Posted at 10:26 pm

Three active stories, all in the Top Twenty downloads. Dorable was frisky during the week of vacation I took between Christmas and New Year's Day, so I have a little backlog of chapters to post.

Of course, with the new year, it's back to work, and things may slow down a bit as Real Life intrudes once more. My business involves keeping half the country warm and lit up, and with the record cold, things are running hard. Means I'll be running hard as well.

You folks stay safe, enjoy the stories, and feel free to comment. I read every one of them.

Happy New Year!

December 29, 2017
Posted at 11:33 am

Finished three active stories in the last week. That's good. You fans, if you'd be so kind as to nominate ad vote for them in the up coming 'Story of the Year' dealio, I'd appreciate it. Good placement int eh voting means I get up to triple my normal pay for these things.

That said, a few of you noted the closure of those stories and sounded soooo sad. I know you don't want to wait until 2018, so I'm kicking things off today with the first of my stories for 2018. It's brand new, introducing Becky and Brad in a tangled mess.

Next in the hopper is the continuation of Bill and Haley and Deena, and then we'll pop back into the Community and see what's going on there.

And Happy New Year!

Thank you for the Christmas gift.

December 25, 2017
Posted at 10:14 am

Lazing around, waiting to go to Sweetie's family for Christmas dinner, and I thought I'd just check on SOL.

I found my recently completed stories under, oddly enough, under 'Top Downloads' under 'Completed Stories'. I found mine. #2,3,4 on the list, all scoring 8+.

To me, this is very satisfying. I started doing this on this site back in 2011. I'd been posting to a couple of other sites, but SOL gave me a really GREAT platform to share stories that I wrote for MYSELF.

That's been my key. I write for me. Turns out I am not the only one who wants these things, and because of you, the numbers stay very encouraging.

Discounting the numbers, though, there's a constant stream, sometimes a flood, of comments, many praising, a few chiding, several with suggestions for paths forward int eh story lines. All this keeps me going, other wise I'd just kick back and pester TedBiker to write more.

Woot! There it is!

December 24, 2017
Posted at 10:24 am

Just uploaded the thirtieth chapter of Bill 'n' Haley. That's the final.

Fret not, though. The premier chapter of the new story is already in the hands of my over-worked editor, as are the first two chapters of the the sequel to Community 3.

And in his hands also are the first two chapters of an entirely new story. When I started writing it, Dorable went nuts, flitting around, urging me forward with every means at her disposal. she's like that sometimes. Makes writing fun.

Also making writing fun are your comments and suggestions. To every one of you who read, thanks. To those who take time out of your day to pen me a note or two, double and triple thanks.