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oyster50: Blog


April 3, 2018
Posted at 6:28 pm

"Where'd Sandy come from?"

Yep, I introduced Sandy into the stories. I assumed that my readers already met Sandy, but I've learned differently.

Sandy's the daughter of Dan Gleason in my story Nina, so if you're of the mind to see some of her backstory, haul yourself over to my story page and pull that one up.

And just so you know, putting Sandy into the 'Smart Girls' universe was a suggestion from multiple readers. Hope you enjoy her.


The Saga of the Lost Chapter

March 22, 2018
Posted at 8:25 pm

So here's the deal. I got a chapter beck from the editor for Bill, Haley & Deena and I immediately posted it.

To the WRONG story. It triggered the 'Hey! New Chapter!' post on SoL.

I went back to writing, then it dawned on me. I looked for it on my homepage, and sure enough, it's on the wrong story. I immediately asked our webmaster to pull it from the WRONG story.

In the meantime, I posted it to the right story.

Trouble is, that 'Hey! New chapter!' post is out there and you, my loyal and anxious readers looked for a chapter of Community 4 that wasn't there.

Sorry about that. The proper chapter of that story will post, hoping for this weekend.

In the meantime, you may deduct 25% from my weekly check.

Thank you for your support.

Goofed up

March 21, 2018
Posted at 9:27 pm

Posted Chapter 10 of Bill & Haley & Deena to Community 4.

Getting it pulled. In the meanwhile, I did post the corrected chapter to Bill & Haley & Deena.

Chalk it up to road stress.

Telling the truth

March 17, 2018
Posted at 11:25 pm

Plot twists, turns, character devilopement, all the things an author is supposed to be doing - I'm doing those.

With help. There's MORE than enough content in my stories to give credit to a couple of other sources - my editor, for one, who keeps me between a wandering set of tracks, suggesting where I might be heading with a particular story line, and a reader that comes up with a lot of bright ideas, twists and turns.

Recent revelation that Bill Carmody has a daughter? My reader buddy. Cindy and the Citation? Him. too many other twists to list.

They come up with ideas, I flesh 'em out, mostly trying to put my particular style into the suggestions.

I tell you, folks, it makes things flow fast sometime. Dorable looks forward to seeing what comes up next. I like being able to see what fits my idea of my characters, how their story goes forward.

I won't give you names, but please understand that wherever you're crediting ME for a good story, I'm crediting THEM as well.

Sequnce?!? We don't NEED no stinkin' sequence...

March 11, 2018
Posted at 12:04 pm

Apologies to The Treasure of Sierra Madre.

Just posted another chapter of Bill & Haley & Deena. There'a chapter of Community at the editor's. It should be out in the next day or so.

One reader writes "Where's your THIRD story? You ALWAYS have three stories going."

Truth is, Dorable's not given me a third story right now. There are a few bubbles breaking the surface of the seething fermentation that is my mind, but nothing has coalesced yet.

We'll just keep going on these two until something comes up. I'm sure it will. It always does.