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Different Stories

January 15, 2016
Posted at 4:21 am

Now that I can finally concentrate on getting back to writing, some people have asked me about 'what about story x', 'when will the next chapter of story Y come'?.

The short answer is - they will come eventually. The next chapter of "Dawn Of The Federation Book III" is nearly finished. So is chapter 15 of the Racer's Chronicles. "Building Mom's Business is getting an addition, too.

I have written myself into a corner with "Living in a Strange Land", so I'll have to rewrite some chapters. The idea to create a cross-over to "A Different Kind Of Bootcamp" was not the most brilliant one I ever had. That angle will be dropped, I suppose.

I'm very grateful for all the great feedback, but I want to remind you why I have so many stories in progress at the same time. Being afflicted by a bad case of ADHD, it's nigh-on impossible to work on only one or two stories. At some point you just run into a wall and can't continue. At the same time an idea for one of the other stories comes up though and I often end up pumping out a whole chapter in a single day. Then you hit the wal again...

Lather, rinse, repeat.

But I'm not abandoning any of them.