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I'm still around...

November 23, 2016
Posted at 2:41 pm

I've been told I am now a topic in "lost stories". I can understand that, considering that I've been inactive for four months. But let me at least give you the excuse:

On June 23rd I got a message from the one girl I considered the big love of my life. We briefly were together in 1994 until her family intervened as I was considered below her status. But now, after 22 years of forced separation, I knelt down before her, bearing a ring,


This is definitely coming as a story.

Still here...

April 18, 2016
Posted at 1:42 am

I got several mails of people asking about my stories. I'm not gone, well I was, temporarily, because life intervened in the form of a Steffortshire Terrier and an owner who had no understanding for the concept of dog leashes.

You would think, walking on a pilgrims trail, you might encounter a vision of the Virgin Mary. I encountered a 20kg dog that bit me unprovoked.

I'm better now and just getting back into writing.

Thank you for the amazing feedback

March 16, 2016
Posted at 12:33 pm

Since I put up the "Conquering the Darkness" story, I've been practically inundated with mails and most of them were very kind. I really appreciate the positive feedback as it offsets the spiteful actions of the score-bombers, who seem to be out in droves lately with no more intention than to annoy authors.

It's really frustrating to read through twenty emails, all saying you much people liked your story and in the time you've read the mails, your story has been stomped back from a 8.25 score to a 7.9. Therefore I'll probably just ignore scores from now on and rely on what people write.

A word to those who vote 3 and lower. It is your god given right to do so, that's what the term 'free speech' is supposed to mean, but voting that low means the story must have seriously offended you. Perhaps next time you do vote that low, how about dropping me a line about what made you do that? After all I write my stories to entertain people, not to annoy them.

75D Bra Size

March 13, 2016
Posted at 3:58 pm

I've received more than one reply from people mocking me for one of my characters giving her bra size as 75D. Using the American system that might be a monstrous thing, but my story happens in Germany, and we Germans have the annoying tendency to use German measuring systems. Using the scale that's used in Germany, 75D is healthily big, but we are not talking Lolo Ferrari dimensions.

Math Fail

February 23, 2016
Posted at 4:20 pm

I noticed that if you post new chapters for a story on the same day, but not all at the same time, the system seems to go out of whack. I just posted chapter 7 of a story and it is shown as 'added chapter 5'