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Inspiration for Hannah's Innocence Lost

January 3, 2016
Posted at 1:00 pm

I really appreciate the enthusiastic reception for Hannah's Innocence Lost, the story I posted on New Year's Day.

The real-life inspirations for this story were Jennifer, a next-door neighbor in the 1980s and Brett, a boy who lived two doors down on the other side of us. They were about the same age as each other. We watched them grow from about 11 when we moved in until Brett moved away when he was about 15. Jennifer had gone to college when we moved after living there for 10 years.

They didn't interact much in real life, although their younger siblings played together (innocently) a lot.

Jennifer and Brett were both really good looking kids. Given my fondness for adolescent sexuality, it was easy and fun to imagine them naked together. Let the fantasy ripen and grow for 30 years, throw in some mild incest and you get Hannah's Innocence Lost.

I'm glad so many people are enjoying it. I wish I could have played naked games with Jennifer and Brett some time.