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Updates on "Belfast Rules" and "Don't Sleep in the Subway"

December 10, 2015
Posted at 5:24 am

These 2 stories are not in the least similar except for the fact they both relate to War and violence. The Belfast Rules story is starting to firm up in my mind and I have outlined the entire remainder of the story. It will have 32 chapters in total. The next 5 chapters 16-20 will tell the story across the entire timeline of her presence for "Molly" from her point of view with her mixed feelings and sense of betrayal. Then chapters 21 -32 will be a chronological account from 1968 to 2015. In my revision to come later I will straighten out the earlier timeline which I admit has been confusing because of flashbacks and reverses. Chapters 16 - 19 are finished but I will submit them separately because I like doing it that way better. Thanks to all readers that have sent comments and suggestions.
The second story called "Don't Sleep in the Subway" will soon have chapter 4 submitted. Chapter 3 gave the impression that General Grant was at Gettysburg and of course it was General Meade. It was a error totally unintended because I had no intention to write about Gettysburg or Vicksburg in this story. My reference to General Grant was merely to show his doubts about the leadership of the Army of the Cumberland which was entirely unfounded. I have corrected the text in the original and will replace the entire content at one time at the conclusion with corrections to all the chapters. I am glad that I indicated "Minimal sex" at the very beginning concerning content because I did introduce a scene in chapter 3 that burst out without planning. My nature is such that it might occur from time to time and I hope it does not offend female readers. I promise to be circumspect with dialogue. It is strange to consider how media could have any impact on the Civil War because it took so long for stories to reach the public. Quite often stories took their own flavor from rumors and gripes that were totally unfounded and they ruined military careers far behind the front lines. Thanks to all the readers that have sent great comments and suggestions about this story that is more about conflict than Science Fiction but seems to fit comfortably in that context.