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RWMoranUSMCRet: Blog

Chapter 45 of "Don't Sleep on the Subway" submitted today.

April 15, 2018
Posted at 11:40 am

Only 5 chapters left. Sorry it took so long with the delay for medical reasons. I hope to finish this story or at least the first full draft in the next 15 days. This chapter 45 is titled in my outline as "Revisions to History". I finished the chapter and shocked myself because there was no sex in it. That doesn't happen too often with my writing because I have a writing style that constantly pulls in sex to illustrate a point or the story is sheer erotica to begin with. I must thank those readers that are sending me corrections on the story. I have already made over 200 corrections to the text and probably will have a lot more to go.

Chapter 38 to be submitted today 4/8/2018

April 8, 2018
Posted at 2:19 am

The story is moving quickly now. Already have chapters 39,40,41,42 all blocked out and outlined with research already completed. The story has a major shift in chapters 41 to 50 that tie everything together for all readers. I appreciate immensely the help I have received from several readers who have sent me comments to correct errs in the story. I had a problem with the story in that I had about a 2 year time period where I was unable to write logically due to some chemo treatments that scrambled my thinking processes. All of my longer length stories suffered during this period and I apologize to all readers. As soon as I reach the 500 maximum story limit I set for myself on my Harry Lime pen name, I will devote my writing time to finishing up my longer length stories like "Don't Sleep in the Subway" and concluding my shorter stories to eliminate the risk of being awarded the yellow stripe of inactivity. My other 14 pen names will also be updated in the same way. I will do my best to not start any new stories until all of the some 800 odd stories are concluded according to SOL requirements. Thank you again to all those readers that have used their sharp eyes to help me make this story more accurate. I will submit a completely revised version with all the changes as soon as chapter 50 is finished. Thank you.

"Quang Nam Diary" is still not corrected.

March 15, 2018
Posted at 9:54 am

The new revision doesn't seem to have been entered into the system correctly a second time. I will try retyping the entire story in a new word document and see it that will load correctly. I also noticed that the footnotes were apparently causing a problem with the content submission. I will try to make the footnotes load without going into bold format or repeat a second time. I think it is confusing the loading program because of either the (*) or the numbers entered. Sorry about the problem. Hope to get it all sorted shortly. Thank You for your patience.

Submitted Chapter 29 of "Don't Sleep on the Subway"

March 15, 2018
Posted at 2:44 am

Chapter 29 of "Don't Sleep on the Subway" is already submitted. I will submit Chapter 30 later today. Hope to get this story finished in next 90 days or sooner.
The new story called "Quang Nam Diary" had a double entry glitch for some reason. I double checked it for just that problem but still got through. I resubmitted with a new version and hope that will clear up that problem. Please excuse the informality of this writing because it is strictly from memory and not researched like this sort of thing is usually done. Hope it comes across as unbiased and informative because I have no hidden agendas. Thanks to those readers that are advising me about errs in the content. It is a big help to me and saves me a lot of time in revising. Thank you.

Thank you for the many letters of encouragement

March 5, 2018
Posted at 3:38 am

Chapter 26 of "Don't Sleep on the Subway" hit the ground running this weekend with a welcoming flood of readers. I must thank all of the readers, both old and new, and a special thank you to all those readers that sent me a letter in the SOL mail system wishing me a full recovery from my recent bout with cancer. It took the doctors 4 operations and 15 chemo procedures to push it into full remission and I feel literally like a new man. My writing was limited during that almost 2 year period, but the thoughts kept flowing though my addled brain. I was lucky to find caring doctors and nurses at the Mayo Clinic. They refused to give up until they were able to beat this illness. I owe thanks to the readers that supported me in this difficult period and I must thank the hospital staff, my son for his generous gift of time assisting me though the operations and my grandchildren for reading to me in the hospital and driving me from the hospital to my home after the operations. A distance of almost 300 miles. They are all good safety minded drivers and all able to converse non-stop without need for phone devices. I must also thank God in heavens above for blessings from on high. I will commit to finishing this particular story in the shortest possible time will edit it for errors to make it more enjoyable for readers. Thank you.