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So... yeah, I got this email...

November 25, 2015
Posted at 11:33 am

I have to tell you that I am deeply offended that you think I or anyone else on this site might need a "trigger warning!" To assume the the folks here are snowflakes or worse, children is not just insulting, it shows an elitist attitude the should not be tolerated in an enlightened society! How dare you project your assumed superiority by telling us that you think we are unable to read your story because we're not as "tough?" or as mature as you are? You cultural bias is shameful and you owe everyone here a heartfelt apology, although I doubt you're capable of such.

Holy crap. This is either a pretty epic troll or the author of the above needs a Xanex.

Let me set the record straight on one point. I am in partial agreement with the author of that email in that I think trigger warnings are silly, especially on a website whose content is, primarily, sexual in nature.

Here's the thing though, I was trying to play the game, to play nice with readers. Adding a couple of words to the blurb doesn't hurt anyone except the odd sandy mangina types who haven't found their quota of 'things that offend me today'.

So no, I am not going to apologize.

Thanks for the feedback though, I really do enjoy reading your responses.