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New story called "Belfast Rules"

October 21, 2015
Posted at 7:26 am

Before getting into the subject notes, just wanted to thank the many readers of "The 400 Year War" for their kind comments and suggestions. The story is too large in my estimation for an e-book with the annexes and other content. I cannot put it into a print copy because it would require volume to make it cost effective. I will still send the entire attachment to any reader who wants a hard copy to look at free of charge. I have no intention of making money from my writing and hope this story will prove beneficial to readers.
Now in regard to "Belfast Rules", I would like to thank the reader who sent some great constructive criticism and some great suggestions. I plan to follow his advice and submit future chapters to this story of the period of time called "The Troubles" in Northern Ireland in blocks of 4 chapters and will expand the chapters to 3 to 4K words instead of my usual 2 to 3K words. I will send them in at intervals of 2 weeks and expect to finish this story in its entirety in 60 to 90 days. I anticipate it will be about 80K to 90K words when complete. I plan to give attention to character development and to the fictional part of the storyline within the framework of the actual historical timeline of the events. I will try to be as factual with the real events as much as possible and to keep them as unbiased as I am able to do. Strangely, I had previously written a short story about a major event that is contained as a focal point inside this much longer story but it contained elements of erotica that I prefer to not include in "Belfast Rules" because I want it to be for readers of all ages. I would appreciate any suggestions from readers on the developing storyline regarding the factual points presented or thoughts on character development or direction of the storyline.