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Quick Update

October 6, 2015
Posted at 1:30 am
Updated: October 6, 2015 - 1:50 am

Hello out there fans (both of you)! Just a quick update, I haven't been writing much this month not for lack of muse or for lack of time but actually lack of wantto. What is "wantto" you may ask?

Well it is what I call the large beast perched upon my back - my laziness. Normally a shake it off for a weekend and I can get into writing but I just haven't wanted to do any shaking so a couple of days ago I realize we are just hitting October and I see I have not updated "Mayhem" in just a bout a month. Then I realize I haven't even started the next chapter.


I got some "wantto" down at the corner store, watched some high school football on TV to get into the rhythm and today I got a bunch of work done on the story so I'm about 60 percent through the chapter.

On a side note, I realized that jury duty is a great time to get some writing done. Especially when you don't get called until the third role call just after lunch and then when we lined up to enter the courtroom to begin voir dire. A settlement is reached and we are excused.

Rather than going back to work, I played hooky and went back to the cafeteria got a cold drink and kept writing. But another couple of hours and I went home. As far as everybody knows I had a terribly stressful day waiting to help this judicial system work its magic but actually I got a big chunk of the next chapter ready.

Long story short... too late! The next chapter should be posted either this weekend or early part of next week.

Okay, back to grind.