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Going off the reservation

October 3, 2015
Posted at 12:46 pm

By now most of my readers, friends all, have seen that Carlita, the little darlin' from Mi Vida, has taken off in a bit of a non-traditional relationship.

I expected email. I got it. 3 to 1. For.

Folks, first, it's fiction. Second, there's a wide world out there, made wider by the breadth of human interaction. Third, CArlita's NOT leaving Dave. She's hanging on to him. It's just that she sees that her family includes two others, one of whom is both Dave's sister and former lover.

If it squicks you out and you stop reading, I'll miss you, but I will understand. Rest assured, no such shenanigans are expected or allowed among my other stories.

And, as always, I appreciate every email and comment and thought and idea. Some of you have seen your ideas finding their way into my stories.

Thank you.