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They're out of control

October 2, 2015
Posted at 11:16 am

Sometimes you're writing along and them WHAMMO... The characters just do something, and then you're out of control. It seemed so easy and natural ... It was the only logical next step, but it wasn't what you had in mind for the story.

Well... that is where Shakespeare is now. By "now" I mean: where I am in the writing of it. I've posted chapter 9 to SOL, but of course, I'm several chapters farther down the line. You'll see it, I'm sure when the posting schedule gets there. And chapter 13 is the far end of the tunnel...

I'm going to have to really work to resolve this.

Just know that it was THEM who did it, not me.

That may not make any sense to non-author readers, but 'tis true ne'rtheless.