Harry Carton: Profile

Over the years, I've written a lot. Most of it, of course was not erotic or pornographic or whatever-it-is that we call these "adults-only stories." You'll be shocked, I'm sure, to learn that Harry Carton is not my real name.

What you'll find here are m/f stories involving adults and near-adults. I hope I write stories that involve the largest of the human sexual organs, the brain. To that end, I have written stories on themes that interest me, and so, there is some straight sex, and some side-trips into some areas people think of as kink. What you won't find here are sexual situations involving children, or non-consentual or violent or abusive themes -- although I freely admit that what you and I think of as abuse, violence and consent may differ.

About the story codes: If there's a surprise in the story, and there sometimes is, you won't get a clue in the codes. Sorry, but how can you expect me to get inside your mind if I tell you about it in advance?