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Stories that don't involve any real sex components?

September 19, 2015
Posted at 2:46 pm

I was wondering if there was any interest in a stories without any sexual content, or at least, without any overt sexual content.

I have completed two out of three parts of a trilogy, full novels that I have never published.

The premise: A young girl sees her parents killed by a corrupt local government and vows to get revenge, but that goal sets her on a dark road. When she is finally lifted from the darkness, given a chance to work for the good guys, she find an even greater evil on the horizon.
Above all it is a morality tale, one girls search for her place in the universe.

The novels are Science Fiction, set in their own diverse universe. There are gadgets, battles, love stories, tales of redemption and a galaxy spanning conspiracy that threatens everyone and everything our heroine holds dear.