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My New Story

September 6, 2015
Posted at 2:19 pm

I'd just like to update people on the progress for my new story. I got back off holiday this morning, so now I'll probably start writing properly. I did start it on holiday, but I didn't get particularly far.

This new story will be a return to the Matt and Sophie's Genies universe. I don't want to talk about the plot yet, but I am definitely planning this one out beforehand. I'm not 100% on where it'll go yet, but it will go somewhere. I have a plot element in my head for later on, I'm just trying to work out a way for it to work and make sense.

No ETA at the moment, because it depends on how quickly I work, which can really vary. I probably won't start posting it until Chapters 1-3 are done, possibly even waiting for the 4th. We'll see.