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Oh, Happy Day!

September 5, 2015
Posted at 12:34 pm

That beautiful day when she let her son mate with her. She'd wanted him since he was 12. Now he's 15 and definitely into puberty. He has friends but never a close relationship, boy or girl. He must be masturbating, but she doubts he's gone much farther.

She hears his shower running and trembles down the hall wearing nothing but an unbuttoned shirt and perfume. She opens his bedroom door and slips into the queen-size bed. They're the only ones home tonight, so there's no chance of interruption.

He emerges from his en suite bathroom, expecting the bedroom to be empty. His pubescent cock is slightly swollen but fairly soft. He's startled to see his mom, but knows something special is happening when he sees how she's dressed.

She pulls the blouse open to expose her B-cup tits to his gaze and looks down to see his circumcised dick begin to rise. She caresses a nipple as his boyish penis reaches its full 5 inches and summons him to bed.

"Would you like to do something special tonight?"

Three hours later, he'd been sucked until she swallowed his load, lost his virginity, eaten pussy before and after fucking it and explored his mother's treasure with his fingers. It was a whole new era in their relationship.