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Tender Box and Diary of a Loose Girl

September 5, 2015
Posted at 11:58 am

Thanks to everyone who has welcomed me to SOL! I had no idea there was such a robust and thoughtful community of story writers and readers. I don't know what took me so long to join up.

Anyway, at the suggestion of a few people who reached out to me, I've started posting two of my existing series (previously posted on my ASSTR site) one chapter a day. I had added Semper Fi all in one go, which several commenters suggested made it harder for the story to be found by more readers.

So, I have queued up all existing chapters of Tender Box (12 total) and Diary of a Loose Girl (27 total) to go out once per day until caught up. I hope this works for those of you who have enjoyed the first few chapters. You can always go to my ASSTR site to get all of what is available if you cannot wait, but I don't want to show up here on SOL and try to send people over to a competitor's site. I will, however, describe a few other series that are on ASSTR which I cannot post here (I hope this acceptable, I have had several readers reach out to me wanting more information about the series I can't put up on SOL).

I do wish I could post all the series I have up on ASSTR which include characters below the age restriction of SOL. I think a lot of you would enjoy:

* Shipwrecked, a romantic survival story of a man who finds himself washed up on a Pacific Island with a budding twelve-year old girl. There are currently 123 chapters (~430,000 words) published with more planned.

* Flower Petals, a tale of hebephilia and romantic incest and moral concerns. Currently 60 chapters (~200,000 words).

* Run, an incest-action-thriller about a family forced to flee around the world to avoid being killed by a terrorist organization. There are 37 chapters (~188,000 words).

Anyway, thanks again for welcoming me and I hope I can learn more about all the great stories and authors here. I haven't yet had a chance to start digging in and reading here, but I certainly will. I'm loving the ease with which I can bookmark and browse the site, it really is fantastic how much thought has gone into the UI and the needs of both authors and readers. -- Chase