Chase Shivers: Profile

May 5: is online but author access to the FTP server has been broken since April 25, 2018, so no new stories can be added on ASSTR by anyone.

I write stories which are heavy on narrative and character development. Often, the characters struggle with moral and ethical dilemmas. They are generally treated kindly, and you will not find NC or abusive relationships in my work. My stories rely on romance, attraction, consent, and I use explicit sexual descriptions which involve all the senses. My primary themes are teenage sexuality, incest, romance, anal sex, creampies, and smell fetishes.

I post only works on this site which conform to the age restrictions, though all of my stories appear on my website hosted on ASSTR. Across all of my stories, I have published over 2 million words. Most of the series I have written cannot be published here on SOL, unfortunately, so if you have an interest in reading my most popular series to date, you can find them on ASSTR at Shipwrecked and Flower Petals