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Posting 'WiC' continues

September 4, 2015
Posted at 2:52 am

As soon as I continued posting 'WiC' the score started dropping ;-) -- I have to admit that I almost expect some more serious drops in near future. On the other hand, even temporary visits to the Top50 -list are something I never even dared to consider. There are still almost 40 chapters to come and there will be some twists in the story that I'm quite sure that some of the the readers will not like. However, I'll not apologize those since I wrote the story the way it came to me. Also, I intend to keep on posting 'WiC' just as quickly as my editors manage to wipe out my errors.

I got some more feedback about the story itself: I do sincerely apologize about the factual errors in that story - I know that there are many and I intend to take most of the feedback in my heart in order to avoid them in the future. However, I finished writing 'WiC' for more than a year ago and since then the main issue had been to get all the 57 chapters (+ Epilogue) edited and published. I know, the first piece of fiction you write since middle school, this time with foreign language and you make it 300+ pages long document. At least reading it is all voluntary :-P

Now, a year later I see my first story as an assignment, a practical work I needed to do. It is as it is, errors and all. After all, it is only a piece of fiction. Beware that my future works will most likely contain some same elements than 'WiC' but I do not promise that my main characters will act the same way. In fact, I feel that I should not be held fully responsible for their behavior.