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August 16, 2015
Posted at 1:37 pm
Updated: August 16, 2015 - 1:40 pm

At lunch week, I saw an interesting foursome ... or at least two of them were interesting.

It seemed to be a brother and sister, both about 15. Judging by body language, etc., I really don't think it was boyfriend-girlfriend. They could have been fraternal twins. Both were very cute ... nice skin ... obviously moving through puberty. She had small boobies, and she crossed her arms when she walked, indicating she was insecure about them. She was wearing a schoolgirl outfit ... white blouse and pleated plaid skirt.

The other two were guys who were a little older ... maybe an older brother and his friend. Forget them.

I would like for the younger ones to be mated. Their parents should do it. Have them shower together with orgasms forbidden. The parents, the girl and the boy could watch a racy movie together ... not hardcore porn but something NC-17 that would arouse everyone.

After the movie, the parents would require the boy and girl to take their clothes off in the den. The kids' arousal would be obvious. If she tried crossing her arms again, mother would make her lower them to fully expose her boobies. The boy's erection would be bobbing and leaking, and the girl's lower lips would be clearly swollen and moist.

The parents would bid the kids good night and send them to the guest room with permission to do anything.

The next morning, the kids would already be awake when the parents came to their room, the youngsters having rutted again with dawn. After morning pleasantries, mom would ask, "how many times have you done it?"

"Four," they murmured together. The girl's cheeks flushed.

"Pull the sheet back and show us your sex bits," mom said. The boy's cock was soft but leaking, the girl's pussy oozing his sperm.

"How many times did you cum, young lady?"


"Son, I think you owe her one," dad said. "Lick her until she cums again."

The boy would lick his sister and taste their fluids until the girl came in his mouth.

Then her mother would teach her to fellate her brother to arouse him again. They'd copulated only in the missionary position, and mom coached them so the daughter was on top this time. The girl would ride her brother until he spurted his fifth load. Then mom would lead the daughter forward and have her lower her pussy to the boy's extended tongue.

"Clean your sister again."


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