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Dorable and the air conditioner

August 2, 2015
Posted at 12:21 pm

Dorable, my impish muse, has been very happy of late. She likes long drives through the countryside. Last week I treated her to 1300 miles, this week she'll get nine hundred, next week we'll do thirteen hundred together.

She likes air conditioning. It's summer on the Gulf Coast, high heat, high humidity and low ambition to go outside means that I hang around indoors and she whispers into my ear the ideas she came up with watching the farms and forests sliding past my car window.

All that means is that chapters of stories show up more often, which makes YOU happy, and me too, because I write a lot of this just to see what happens next.

You dear readers give me a lot of good ideas, too. Those of you know when they're incorporated.

Sooo, although it may be the summer doldrums, the stories go on.