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One-Dimensional Characters

July 20, 2015
Posted at 9:13 am

I may be a Luddite, or I just don't have the clout to be a reviewer. At least it spares the author an almighty slating. I just wasted a perfectly good weekend on a set of stories in a "Conductor Universe". To make it short, the 'hero' is a two-bit adulterer who has a 9' whale-dick at 14 years and makes women incoherent and sex-crazed by merely looking at them. All the while he's the world's best conductor, producer, kisser, lover, dictator and god at 14 years. The characters in those stories make Mary sue and Gary Stu look like flawed characters.

Now you may ask, why did you read the shit then? That's because I'm an idiot and believe in author development. If I read some of my early 2009 stories, I can see that I would never publish them today. I tend to think I've improved. But in the case of aforementioned universe, the author seems ro degenerate. fifty percent of all chapters are just copy/pasted song lyrics with no character development whatsoever, so our dashing 14 y/o 9-inch donkey-cock possessing Gary Stu occasionally fucks his own mother blind for no apparent reason. Why do these kind of stories have a score higher than -1?