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July 18, 2015
Posted at 1:20 pm

Summer down here on the Louisiana Gulf Coast, at least for me, is a series of short dashes from one air-conditioned haven to the next. We've had triple digit heat indices for weeks as mid ninety temperatures combine with high humidities.

Means I stay indoors. Some of that is spent writing, of course. I continue to get positive comments on my stories, and I keep going, because, like you, I want to see what happens next. As I've said before, I have only the vaguest of ideas of where I'm going, rolling down a broad avenue within which I am comfortable operating.

Many of you have written me about how YOU think my characters are thinking and acting, and you know that I've used some of those ideas in the story, making them part YOUR story, also, and I love it.

Take care, be cool, stay safe!