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July 16, 2015
Posted at 5:39 pm

Kyden is a cute 13-year-old boy in my neighborhood who I occasionally hire for odd jobs. He's blond, blue-eyed and freshly entering puberty. If he hasn't had his first orgasm, he's close to it.

Sometimes I see cute girls his age and imagine mating them. He'd suck her tiny boobies and then I'd hold her legs open while he licked her to orgasm, his nose in her little muff. They'd moan as he mounted her and his 4-inch circumcised cock entered her wet channel. I'd watch them buck and thrust together until he'd groan, shove in deeply and expel his boy juice.

I'd make them clean each other's genitals orally, which would excite them for another rut. This time I'd put her on top to ride him until he inseminated her again. I'd coax her forward to sit on his face so he could swallow their juices.

I would fuck my lover while we watched and encouraged.