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Many Answers and more Questions

July 16, 2015
Posted at 7:11 am

First of all, thanks a lot for all those who answered my previous post "A Question for the Ladies". If the general consensus is anything to go by, men are better of steering clear of women. I had really thought she was just a psychopath, but reading the answers makes the idea of marriage bloody terrifying.

But here's another one. I've read a few Incest stories around here and it's always the same: mom walks in on son (or other way round) and it's *SCREECH* "(s)he saw me naked!"

Sorry folks, but until I moved out at eighteen years. I always knew what my mother and father looked like naked. First of all because they didn't wear swimsuits in the bathtub and once in a while they came out without wrapping a towel around themselves. Or they would need another towel and ask my brother or me to bring them one.

Question here. Are we Europeans just weird or why do I think it is the most idiotic plot element to have a son not know what his mother looks like?