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Omake continued

July 8, 2015
Posted at 2:35 pm

Way back when, I wrote a humorous "omake" for Life With Alpha that broke from the main story into a parallel universe, where 'real' fictional women started coming through his fake dimensional portals. I just submitted the first two chapters in a sequel story to that omake.

First, calling this a sequel is a bit misleading. Most sequels tend to have things like plots, while this is just a collection of ideas that have been fleshed out a little.

I wrote the original short story because I had ideas I wanted to write which could not fit in the main Alpha story for multiple reasons. A while after I wrote it, I decided on the mysterious cause behind the arriving fictional characters -- I don't intend to reveal it because it would ruin the fun -- and realized that I wanted to write a little more in this alternate timeline. I don't have an end-game in mind for this tale, so just consider this a series of glimpses into the divergent world first seen in my original "Unexpected Visitors" omake.

Some of these stories will be as long as a regular Life With Alpha chapter, while some will be much shorter, perhaps consisting of only a single afternoon or incident. I don't know how many chapters/stories there will be, nor do I know how often they'll be released. (I'm slow enough with chapters for the main story as it is.) As I write this note, there are at least half a dozen stories which have been partially or completely written.

Anyway, I'm just writing these for fun. Enjoy.