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Any Pseudonym: Profile

I am writing my fiction as a challenge to myself. While I sometimes enjoy stories that involve mind control or someone who gains the ability to rewrite the world around him or bring their fantasies to life, they've always seemed extraordinarily unreal. They rely on magic powers or supernaturally powerful "science". The aliens in these stories might as well arrive in genie lamps waving magic wands. Don't misunderstand me; I know that doesn't make them bad stories. Some of them are really well done and enjoyable (e.g. My Reward by Azil). I just wanted to write something different.

What I wanted to do was to write Science Fiction porn, not Science Fantasy, but I wanted to use it to bring fantasy women into something close to the real world. I do this with the SciFi tropes of Artificial Intelligence and
Nanites. Basically, grant me a powerful A.I. for story purposes and from that I try to build the rest without violating any laws of physics or reality or relying on unknown future science (mostly).

I chose my intentionally generic pen name because, after creating and discarding a number of possibilities, I realized it really didn't matter much what I chose... that 'any pseudonym' would do.