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A New One, and then some....

June 25, 2015
Posted at 9:22 am

I just posted a new story, "Periodic Liaisons - 1: The Honeymoon". It is the first of a series following Julie and Brad in an ever expanding erotic couples adventure.

So, why a serial? When I did Anthem I found that I wanted to post each chapter as quickly as possible, which put me at a pace that was difficult to maintain and I felt a self imposed pressure to get each chapter done. So I decided after completing Anthem that all future stories would be complete before posting.

At that time I made that choice I wasn't planning on writting another Anthem sized story. But that changed when I began planning a story that I estimated to be over 200k words. I hit the 90k word mark and began to get an itch to post something. So I had to either rethink my thoughts on posting incomplete stories or write smaller stories.

So, my stories became smaller and I continued the work on the large story. Everything was working great until I got to "Periodic Liaisons". The story expanded as I began writting it, and with one large story in the works I didn't want to start a second, so I decided to continue with the story but do it as a serial, posting segments as they were completed. So, as the name implies, I will be posting to the this serial, Periodically.

I know it's kind of like cheating, it being a Serial, but it is a complete story, so I think I'm still ok. Although just barely.

I am also going to move Animals into this Series, though the characters are different the stories are similair.