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Author's notes on "The 400 Year War"

June 13, 2015
Posted at 10:51 am

I have just completed the final draft on "The 400 Year War" that includes close to 100 illustrations and 3 additional Annexes that provide additional information. It has been edited and ready for printing. I have closed out a list of readers who requested that I mail them a print copy to a mailing address and am unable to add to that list because of the cost of print publishing. I am able to send an e-book format in an attachment to an e-mail reply and you would then have the option to print it out on your own printer at home. It will be 242 pages and can be done entirely in black and white to save cost of ink. If you do the color pages in print it would involve about 50 pages in color. The Indian Tribe Annex is entirely in black and white so that eliminated 25 color pages in my limited printed version. Anyone who downloads the e-book version has my permission to make additional copies as it is not my intent to make a profit but to encourage distribution.